Evaluation of Zayanderud dam operation during drought period by using weap model


1 Former M.Sc. Student, Drainage and Irrigation Engineering, University of Shahrekord, Shahrekord,Iran.

2 - Associated professor of Department of Irrigation and Reclamation, Shahrekord University, Iran.


Today, conservation and protection of water resources and optimum utilization and equitable economy and it is a global issue And therefore the century of water as a universal human challenge is to learn . Water is the primary factor limiting agricultural production, thus increasing the need for optimum utilization of water resources, especially in Agricultural use, which comprises the bulk of the country's water resources is felt . This paper presents an algorithm for performance evaluation Zayandehrood Dam with emphasis on the centrality of water.To achieve the objectives of this study used modeling method reservoir operation. WEAP model to be acceptable The simulation of water resources systems. Thus collected after the completion of the required information, file input Formed WEAP model is calibrated for a period. Then the optimal exploitation policies Reservoir model in various scenarios of water use in the basin, and in each case the WEAP model was implemented and results. Results are evaluated. In this study, 5 scenarios were evaluated four scenarios that reduce crop acreage Macro and three scenarios and two scenarios of growth required to reduce Nyazaby drinking water industry, and the combination of these two scenarios. scenarios SC2 inter strongest consider Insurance and Insurance Water needs and the maximum volume of water stored in the reservoir during the year better than the other scenarios for reservoir. We carry in our drought.


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