Volume & Issue: Volume 12, Issue 3 - Serial Number 47, March 2022 
Experimental Study on the Effects of Bed Channel Vegetation Density on Flow Hydraulic Characteristics

Pages 1-18


malihe hajghani; Soudabeh Golestani Kermani; Mohammad Zounemat-Kermani; Gholam Abbas Barani

Experimental Investigation of Scouring Around the Coastal Pier with the Triangular Structures

Pages 40-62


Mostafa Farajian; Amir Abbas Kamanbedast; ALI Salajegheh; Mohammad Ansari ghojghar; Ehsan Parsi

Experimental Investigation of the flow pattern in the Embayment

Pages 63-80


fatemeh zahra asadi; Mehdy Meftah Halaghi; Esmaeil Kordi; mm mm

Investigating Water Use Efficiency in Grapes Production in Bijar County

Pages 137-148


Seyed Yaghoub Karimi; Hamed Nozari; Alireza Mehrabani Bashar; Mehran Sepiddast; Ferdos Rahimi; Zhino Bahmani; Zahra Salimi; Aygin Omidi

Assessment of Land Suitability for Irrigated and Rainfed Rapeseed Cultivation Using Fuzzy-AHP Method in Jiroft City

Pages 334-354


zohre ثبفثناشقه نثدظثقنه; mahdiyeh amirinejad; Elham Rafiei Sardooi; amanollah soleymani; mohammad Naderianfar