Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Issue 4 - Serial Number 16, September 2014, Pages 1-116 
Prediction of the sediment load in the river by HEC-RAS

Pages 12-23

Azadeh Jabary; Ahmad Hosseini; Amir hamzeh Haghiabi; Samad Emamgholizadeh; Abdolkarim Behnia

Effect of Construction of Narmaab Storage Dam on Reduction of Flood Plain and Flood Damage at Downstream Lands

Pages 24-36

Mahmood Yakhkeshi; Mehdi Meftah Halghi; Abdolreza Zahiri; Mohammad ebrahim Yakhkeshi; Mohammadreza . Madadi

A New Method for Economic Optimization of Diversion System Construction

Pages 37-47

Reza Dehghani; Nooshin Dehghani; Dariush Abbaspour